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Register and setup domain Free for Blogger

Publishing on BlogSpot is the fastest and easiest way to use all of Blogger's great features.(And for free, no less!) If you don't care to have in your blog's address, though, you can get a domain of your own. Google'll continue to host all your content as before, but it will be displayed at your new address.
Register and setup domain Free for Blogger (Unlike FTP publishing, which requires you to buy both a domain name and a hosting service.)Just like blogger, i've another free service for domain names and you can use this domain name for your blogspot blog as a custom domain free of charge. Yes, you've heard right, you can get it free of cost. Just like my blog as
I think this is far far better than conventional look blog address with the blogspot word in your blog. I shall tell you step by step on how you can get your free domain and how to transfer your blogspot address with your new domain name. Continue reading, you will like it.

Today I will tell you how you can register your own domain absolutely free yes ABSOLUTELY FREE in just 4 simple steps. I will give you step by step instructions for registering your domain so that you can register your own domain and give some what professional look to your blog, website or forum. So what are you waiting for lets get started.

Step 1:
First of all go to CO.CC:Free Domain and check the availabilty of your free domain.

Or check box here:

Step 2:
If the domain name that you want is available you will get a screen like the one below.
Note : Most of the domain names are free but there are some premium domain names for which you will have to pay. If the domain you want is a premium one and you do not want to pay then try another domain name and try try again until you get a free one like the one i got. Once you get your free domain name click the "Continue to registration" button and proceed to the next step.

Step 3:
Now once you have got your domain name its time to register an account at CO.CC. After following the instruction in step 2 you will get a screen like the one below. Here click on "Creat an account now".
Step 4:
Now you will get a registration form. Fill it, Read their terms of service. If you accept then put a check in "I accept the terms of service" button and click on "Creat an account now".
CONGRATUALTIONS your new domain has been successfully registered.
Wiat its not over yet after you have registered your free domain name, you need to setup it in 48hours or else your domain name will be back deactivated. So, you need to be quick. Now if you have a blog at Blogger then using my post Easy Way To Setup CO.CC Domain in Blogger you can easily integrate your blogger blog with your CO.CC domain name"
Just follow these simple steps to configure your blogspot blog :

Register and setup domain Free for Blogger1.Go to CO.CC and register domain name of your choice for free.

Register and setup domain Free for Blogger2.Choose the desired domain name from the list of domain names as shown above.

Register and setup domain Free for Blogger3.Click Setup for setting up the domain name, so that it can be accessed by this domain name.

Register and setup domain Free for Blogger4.(a). Enter the host name i.e your domain name.
(b). Select TTL and Type.
(c). And finally enter " " in value.That's it here.

Register and setup domain Free for Blogger5.Login to your blogspot blog.

Register and setup domain Free for Blogger6.Go to Settings and than Publishing.
7.Click Custom domain link.

Register and setup domain Free for Blogger8.Click Advanced Settings link.

Register and setup domain Free for Blogger9.Enter your domain name.
10.Enter the word verification to prove you are a human to google.

Register and setup domain Free for Blogger11.Don't forget to check the Redirect option.
12.Once again you've to enter the word verification.
And finally click Save Settings, which is the most important thing.

I thank all those who are my inspiration.
Ask me any Question About Setting up Custom domain for your Blogspot blog and please leave a comment if you liked this

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Nặc danh said... is free domain means your domain will be deactivates after or with in six month.Register a Domain

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