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40+ Free One-Column Website Templates

VnTim™  ^-^ Nautica06 – template with a zen-like feel that would be excellent for a photographer, graphic designer, or ad agency.
Nautica 06
Twilight – simple light on dark theme.
Red Hot Chili – a simple red & white design with chili peppers (the produce, not the band).
Red Hot Chili
Good Morning Budapest – this one has a cool image of a man on a bench in Budapest.
Good Morning Budapest
Simple Life – a woodgrain background and a nature-inspired look.
Simple Life
Chary – this one would be perfect for an online store.
flowertree – beautiful flowering tree fixed background.
Lemonaid – this one is very simple with the white background and dark gray & orange text.
neuphoric – a park-like header and simple layout.
Jefferson – urban background and footer navigation.
Fashionista – header navigation and a trendy look.
liblueen – header navigation and a simple, straight-forward layout.
I See Frogs – designs with frogs are always a hit! I see frogs
Passion – simple geometric header and design.
passion – tabbed header navigation and footer navigation.
Enrainment – gorgeous sky header and tabbed top navigation.
Adam – tabbed navigation below the header and space for two+ content sections in the single column.
Refreshed – rounded corners and header navigation.
Sunset – this one is about as simple as you can get, very elegant, with no navigation bar.
Notepad () – meant for long essays or other long bits of text.
Go Faster Red – header navigation and a red and white color scheme.
Go Faster Red
Spring_Began – a simple floral motif and header navigation.
Spring Began
Season’s Greetings – design with a Christmas-theme.
Season’s Greetings
Finding Peace – this is absolutely one of my favorite templates with a serene bamboo theme.
Finding Peace
Silence and Harmony – pastoral header image (it’s a farm in Vermont) and nature-inspired look.
Silence and Harmony
The Piano – antique-looking design, piano header image and old paper background.
the Piano
A Symphony of Horror – a Nosferatu header and a noir design.
A Symphony of Horror
Bright Pixel – corporate-looking template with an elegant gray design and geometric header.
Bright Pixel
Groovy Blue – header navigation and rounded corners.
Groovy Blue
The Hobbit – inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic, with a Hobbit house header and top navigation.
The Hobbit
Myhedspace_Free04 – a light grey header and text and a simple, elegant design.
Myhedspace Free04
Neonix – simple with header navigation and a lime-green color scheme.
Simplicity Two-Point-Oh! – simple gray color scheme and tabbed header navigation.
Simplicity Two-Point-Oh
The BIG Leaf – I love the cool leaf background and slightly distressed look.
The BIG Leaf
Rizzlelicious – this one has top navigation and two content sections: a dark-on-light top section and light-on-dark bottom.
Organic Design – nature-inspired design with a butterfly illustration in the header and top navigation.
Organic Design
Simplicity and The Footer – a fixed footer that has the page title and navigation and a scrolling content section.
Simplicity and the Footer
One Pager – Gray and white template with top navigation and a fixed width.
One Pager
Orange Tinge – tan and orange theme with header navigation.
Orange Tinge
Black World – gray and lime green template with header navigation.
Black World


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